The future of automation
Work Smarter
Smartsourcing are experts on automation of IT-processes.


Identity Management- with MIMinaBox+ and One Identity-in-a-box the complete lifecycle of identities is automated. 

Self Service - with SMARTCatalogue the user can order and manage accounts, access rights, applications, computers, accessories and other resources such as business systems, sharepoint sites, folder access and distribution lists. Other resources such as passcards, hardware and incident reporting can be managed. When an order is placed and approved the delivery is automated to the full exctent including integration with the IT infrastructure, vendors, business systems, cloud solutions, robots etc.


MIMinaBox+ is an identity solution based on Microsoft Identity Manager 2016. MIMInabox+ contains a standard, best practice solution including integrations with common business systems. This makes an installation of identity both quick and cost effective. One-Identity-in-a-box is a similar solution built on the product One Identity.


SMARTCatalogue is a solution for managing self service and workflow automation for all IT-services. The solution includes functionality for automating workflows with integration to the infrastructure including approvals. The goal is to expose all internal services to the business, thus reducing the workload in the Service Desk. In SMARTCatalogue it is easy to configure services and workflows. 


Smartsourcing uses a delivery model including a number of tasks that can be delivered at fixed price. The model secures short delivery cycles and clear deliveries with well defined components. This will reduce the need for long and costly development projects with uncertain deliveries.