SMARTCatalogue offers two levels of solutions.
Self Service Portal including a service catalogue with a user friendly interface that offers services to the business. The bussiness can easily order services that starts a automated process including approvals and billing. The services are as far as possible delivered automatically accessing the IT-infrastructure and the vendors.
• Automation for organisations that already have a self service portal but lacks automation and integration to fully automate the order. We are working with systems such as Service Now, CA Service Catalogue, Service Manager and other Service Desk systems.

All tasks, including order of equipment from a vendor, management of billing and configuration of the infrastructure will be done automatically in both the solutions above. This will significantly decrease the work load of the service personnel and will at the same time give the business access to an effektive way of ordering and managing resources such as.

•User accounts
•Computers, mobiles, pads and other equipment
•Software distribution
•Access rights
•Resources (folders/sharepoint/distribution lists)
•Other, non IT-resources such as workplaces etc


To simplify the integration to other systems robots can ber used. We are today working with two kinds of robots. Visual Cron for simple tasks and UIpath for a litle more demanding integrations 


SMARTCatalogue helps companies and organisations to automate order and services in a user friendly self service portal.

SMARTCatalogue is a self service solution that automates the handling of orders from the exposion of the services in a easy to use modern portal, to full integration with the infrastructure and product vendors.

The solution is built on standard Microsoft Components and is already used to manage more than 100.000 orders per year at our customers. The solution is developed in modern frameworks and is responsive to mobile devices.


Self Service

The solution can manage orders of a variaty of servicies such as applications, access rights, resources, computers and equipment.


The solution contains a framework for automation of services and integration with robots, external, internal and cloud based systems.



The portal is deliverd with support for several languages with swedish and english as standard. It also contains a role based system for access rights. 



SMARTCatalogue contains functionalites for continues logging of activites with can be a basis for reporting and billing.


Automated processing of orders
Smartsourcings solution for automation gives companies and organisation the possibility to automate common IT services. This means that for example the onboarding av new personnel can be automised so that all needed information for the user is automatically created by the system including accounts, access rights, applications and equipment. This will save a lot of time both for the business and the IT department



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